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Our Mission

Motivate students to excellent academic learning

Inspire students to develop healthy social and moral living


Equip students to become caring leaders and pioneers in the community and beyond

Core Values

Spiritual Development

Every student will have the love and grace of Jesus Christ shared with them on a daily basis.


Character Development

The students will develop an ethic of enduring Christian values.

Excellence in Education

Every student will gain a firm academic foundation and be proficient in all areas of study.

Critical Thinking Skills

The students will actively participate in the classroom, resulting in effective higher order learning.


Social Skills

The students will develop proper social skills.


Community Relations

The staff will effectively serve our constituency.

Conflict Resolution

The staff and students will develop positive approaches to avoiding discipline problems and resolving them.

Developing Unity of Purpose

The staff and parents will work together to create synergy and community.

Trusting Relationships

The administration, staff, and parents will have open disclosure and positive communication.

Children First

As a Christ-centered school, we will help meet the needs of students.

Safe Learning Environment

The school will cultivate a safe learning environment that will not tolerate physical violence, intimidation, or harassment.

Christian Stewardship

The school will act with integrity in financial matters.

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