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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy rests on providing excellence in education to every child that walks through our doors. We believe that, although every child is different and learns differently, it is our responsibility to ensure that we cultivate a safe and challenging environment in which students can thrive.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to offer a rigorous academic program that will provide the opportunity for all students to meet their fullest potential. We strive to lay the foundations that will enable our students to view the world through the truth of Scripture as well as prepare them to become disciplined learners, problem solvers and critical thinkers.

Our Curriculum

Our programs are anchored in the ABeka Curriculum. The ABeka Curriculum is a Christian-based, core concept - centered curriculum that focuses on building a strong foundation of fundamental skills. Supplemental curricula is utilized to strengthen our students' learning experience and prepare them for academic success in an ever-changing, ever-advancing world. In addition to the core subjects, we emphasize technology, leadership development, physical education and spiritual enrichment. Our learning benchmarks meet and exceed the requirements set by ISBE, and our smaller class sizes and dedicated staff allow for a more individualized and whole-child approach to learning.

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